• Our studio is highly collaborative, both within our project teams as well as in the way we work with clients and consultants. The fluidity of our structure generates dynamic, collective ideas and integrative work.

  • Atelier Kumpo is a collaborative studio that gets its food and its inspiration from all forms of arts. It's a product of Pape Diedhiou’s emotions and visions rooted not only from early teenage years in Dakar but his cultural background as well

  • Features stories, New exhibits, studies, community workshop, vernacular, innovation, Books, video, competition, outreach, beyond architecture

  • We want to create for our clients extended version of their visions. Our goal is in our vision to eliminate the boundaries between all the different branches of service to create a bond of functionality. It's the head to toe display of who we are.

  • The changing functions of buildings have driven architecture to follow a trend of an loosely tied up design typology thanks higher performance of materials. The new design tools available today in architecture are that it elements to help grab the buildings essential senses at its innocence.

  • Operating in political, social, economic, ecological, and infrastructural spheres, we synthesize research from multiple disciplines. Here, we engage large-scale strategic problems in partnership with academic institutions and research groups. We challenge basic assumptions, recalibrate essential conversations, and provoke questions with the goal of building tactical solutions.

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